Book review - The Name of the Wind

I love this book. I can’t say if you’ll like it too, though. Patrick Rothfuss is an eloquent writer and his work doesn’t let you get bored. The book was a long read but I enjoyed most of it. A few parts are so well written that it actually made me think I was reading the best book ever written. The part where his father’s lute gets broken in Tarbean, Kvothe’s first performance at The Eolian and the part where he calls the name of the wind were so grasping, it made me feel like I was the protagonist myself.

The second half of the book doesn’t do justice to the first one. I was actually disappointed when I finished reading it. In the second half, a few hundred pages are basically fillers. They don’t move the story at all and although I somewhat enjoyed reading them, they seemed like a waste of space considering that the series is planned to only have three books. Furthermore, the first half of the book builds upon Kvothe, the protagonist. The reader gets very close to him. I was hoping that in the second half the author would ease the reader into forming bonds with the world he has created and with other characters. The author did a poor job of that. You finish the book with the story hanging. Nothing important happens in the second half and the only character you feel attached to is Kvothe. This was kind of disappointing, given I’d read about a thousand pages. I was hoping to get more out of it.

Remember that feeling you got when you finished reading the first Harry Potter book? You loved so many characters. You loved the world. You don’t get that feeling when you finish this book. I know it’s unfair comparing this book with Harry Potter and although Patrick Rothfuss writes better than J.K. Rowling, I feel he focuses too much on the point in the story he’s writing at a specific moment and doesn’t think much about how that part will contribute to the story as a whole. Another complaint I have is that Rothfuss doesn’t care much about female characters. Out of the three there are, two are portrayed as being unrealistically flirty and shallow.

I started reading the second book of the series but the fear that I would again be disappointed at the end constantly loomed over my head. So I put it to hold. I’ll finish the series when the third book comes out. I do recommend the book but only because of the writing style, not because of the story. It’s definitely worth reading.