Book review - The 5th Wave

I haven’t read Twilight but I think if you switched vampires with aliens in it, you’d get this book. The first few pages were kind of good although my dislike for the protagonist started from the very beginning. There’s just something wrong with her. I hated her till the end. After the initial good read of an hour or so, a part describing her high school crush started. It was horrible. I remember Googling the age group targeted by the author and cursing Goodreads for not explicitly specifying it. What does young adult mean anyway?

It’s very weird when an adult male author tries to write about romance from the point of view of a teenage girl. It seemed shallow and superficial and his repeated attempts at it made me cringe. Like Twilight, there are two guys. And obviously, both of them are unrealistically good looking. During the first half of the book, I constantly felt like putting it down. I didn’t because I had resolved to not leave a book unfinished. I will definitely not be reading the next two books in the series, though.

There are a number of technical discrepancies. On one hand the aliens are thousands of years ahead of humans in technological advancement and they can pull off stuff like remotely downloading themselves into human brains. On the other hand, the protagonist and her friends are able to outsmart them on a number of occasions using technical limitations that shouldn’t even exist for them. Removing the tracker from your body doesn’t alert them. They can’t search for you using heat cameras in a building. Heck, their main base doesn’t even have normal human cameras! Reading stuff like this was a letdown. It felt like the author hadn’t bothered to think a lot of things through and he hadn’t expected the reader to do so either.

The second half of the book was more action packed then the first half. There are a few somewhat enjoyable twists in the story and despite all my complaints, it got easier for me to finish it. I have given it three out of five on Goodreads but only because I figured that maybe the book isn’t targeted at an audience like myself and it was written for teenage girls.