Book review - The Name of the Wind

I love this book. I can’t say if you’ll like it too, though. Patrick Rothfuss is an eloquent writer and his work doesn’t let you get bored. The book was a long read but I enjoyed most of it. A few parts are so well written that it actually made me think I was reading the best book ever written. The part where his father’s lute gets broken in Tarbean, Kvothe’s first performance at The Eolian and the part where he calls the name of the wind were so grasping, it made me feel like I was the protagonist myself.

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The first post

I’ve been meaning to start writing for quite some time now. This domain has been gathering dust ever since I purhcased it a few months back. But that’s hopefully about to change. I’ve spent the past couple of days getting this website up and running and I can finally start writing. For me, writing is a very fulfilling activity. It gives me peace of mind and this blog shall serve as a platform for me to put out all my random thoughts. You’ll find blog posts containing tirades, book reviews and even technical tutorials. I don’t plan on ever monetizing this blog so one can expect sporadic posts because I’ll only be writing when I really feel like it.