I’m a software developer by passion and profession. I have a knack for solving difficult problems and love taking on daunting challenges. I read whenever I find time and play video games on and off. I love socializing with new people and I like to believe I have a good sense of humor.

Education and work

I am currently enrolled at the University of Waterloo as a Computer Science graduate student. I am supervised by Professor Semih Salihoglu and, as a member of the Data Systems Research Group, I am involved in research work spanning the area of graph databases. Before relocating to Waterloo, I worked as a software engineer at APIMatic Ltd. for a little over a year. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile for details about my education, my internships and the courses I have studied. You can also visit the projects page on this website to get an idea of what I have recently been working on.

Interests and hobbies

Grad school does not let you be fair to your hobbies; you are expected to give it your all to survive. Alas, I rarely find free time nowadays. But when I do, you can usually find me engrossed in a captivating fantasy book. My days of binge watching tv shows are long gone and I rarely play video games anymore. Traveling and socializing are two activities I have found to be extremely rewarding, instead. I welcome book recommendations and discussions. You can find a list of the books I have read at the bottom of this page or by visiting my Goodreads profile.