Book review - The Final Empire

If you believe in fate, you believe that there can only be a finite number of troubling events in your life. And whenever one occurs, you would know that thereafter your life could only get better since fewer of them are left.

This is the first book of the original Mistborn trilogy from Brandon Sanderson and it’s fantastic. I really enjoyed reading it and I’ll be reading the next two books as well. I like how Sanderson can immerse a reader in his story with simple and clear prose. The book alternates between the points of view of two characters, although only one of them is the protagonist. Character development is excellently done and the reader finishes the book with having developed bonds with a lot of characters. Fights are very intense and enjoyable and you’ll find yourself frantically turning pages whenever one comes.

The magic system feels a bit weird at the start and might not initially seem very intuitive but as the story progresses, the reader gets used to it. I felt that the development of the world was somewhat lacking because most of the story takes place in a single city. Still, I appreciate that, unlike a lot of other authors, Sanderson does not waste too much time in describing the setting and the environment. His main focus is moving the story forward and that, to me, feels more fulfilling.

Sanderson makes all the pieces of the story fit together very well. There are no abrupt disappointing twists or any sort of fillers, the story is concluded at the end of the book and the reader isn’t left at a cliff hanger. Although a few questions are left unanswered, you won’t have to read the other books in the series to get closure. I recommend this book to everyone who likes fantasy.

Book review - The 5th Wave

I haven’t read Twilight but I think if you switched vampires with aliens in it, you’d get this book. The first few pages were kind of good although my dislike for the protagonist started from the very beginning. There’s just something wrong with her. I hated her till the end....

Book review - Long Walk to Freedom

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